RP - Kraeger Skald

Pieter-jan - Half-elf Bard


lvl 8 Half-elf Valor bard
HP 51
AC 18

Mithral Armor


Born from the love of a wandering elven bard and the one of the personal guard from the Jarl of the village. In the crib I was surrounded with music and songs of the elves. When older I loved listening to the tales of the warriors of old and of the village, imagining me on of the heroes of those tales.
It was no wonder I grew up to become a bard and storyteller myself. At young age I met my heart’s companion. Our love for music and tales brought us together. Both of us wanted to become heroes and bards of great renown. So when we grew up together we grew closer but still our dream lasted.
We decided to travel for some time each of us gathering experiences and tales, writing each other how we both are faring from time to time.

RP - Kraeger Skald

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