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Wouter - Lizardfolk Barbarian


lvl 7 Totem Warrior
HP 101 AC 21


  • Bear Spirit
  • Aspect of the Elk



I’m slow to make new friends, because I’ve lost too many old ones.
My people are the only things that matter.
I would still give my life for the people I have served with.
I have little respect for those who do not have field experience.

a nomad at best a bloodthirsty savage at worst.
Found by a small group of mercenaries when fatally injured and fed back to health.
While civilisation did help him gain some manners hes still a blood hungry warrior at heart.
Sworn by blood to follow his leader and “nest mates” until death.

While usually volatile he can be made a lot more docile by giving him food.
Also has a tiny habit of collecting trophies of slain foes.
A being of little words but endless devotion.

How he was found near deaths door still remains a mystery even too his leader.
Questions towards this subject always ends in agression.

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Combat - slllinnorrss shhhrrrigo

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