RP - Freya

Nadja - Gnome Artificer


lvl 7 Gnome Artificer
HP 56
AC 15

main cantrips: Alchemical Acid & Fire. Minor Illusion, Thaumaturgy, Prestidigitation & Druidcraft

Speak with Beasts

Faith: God – Ioun


Curious, always into gathering knowledge and information, and loves crafting stuff.
She writes her own books – makes guides on plants, materials, metals, as well as making her own art.

She lost her parents in a freak accident. Raised by her uncle, she shares a close bond with him.
She has little friends her age, except for Nozomi.

Freya has a habit of sticking things in her mouth while working. She’s not easily startled and has quite the devious side.

RP - Freya

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