RP - Kaira

Lian - Tabaxi Druid


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I was born in a small village deep in the woods and trained to succeed my mother, who was the most powerful druid in our clan. We stand for healing and supporting others, and learning on the road. Once I reached the age of sweet 16 I was send away to learn more about healing and brewing potions to help others. I would know when my mother has died so I could take her place when time was right. After years of wandering and struggling to learn more, I finally found a master to help me. It was an old druid by the name Gornav, he wanted me to learn from him to maybe, be able to help cure his disease. But the moment I reached to the last part of that knowledge he died. He made me promise to keep searching for a master and gave me his most important recipe. For some reason no buddy trusts my kind so are not willing to help me, and at some times it bothered me but my journey goes on. Over the years I got to know some really nice travelers and fighters, in need of help or just passing by my camp. Sometimes I would join them on their path for a few weeks / months, and sometimes they would just join me at my campfire to travel on. After a while the Recipe given by Gornav had come to my head again and I started to search for the ingredients. Months went by and I still couldn’t find the last ingredient. So now I am on my search for that last ingredient, maybe hoping to settle somewhere as a healer until I can return to my tribe.

RP - Kaira

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