RP - Keg

Pjay - Goliath Fighter


Race: Goliath
Class: Fighter – Battlemaster

Item – Eversmoking Bottle


Origin: unknown

Previous Occupation: Ex-pitfighter
Current Occupation: Raider from Oakshadow

Washed ashore by the riverside, held adrift by a small keg. I woke up in the Fighterquarters of the fightingpit, where I was taken care of (big headtrauma – no memory). I was made to fight in the pit when I got better and over the years bonded with Lilith Silver, a decent pitfighter. Later I earned my freedom, and I choose to head out in the Wilds and live there. Years passed and I came across a party being ambushed by bandits. I ran in to aid them and found out one of the besieged was Lilith, defending a rather pompous looking lordtype. We quickly fought of f the bandits and as a reward for my assistance, the lord assigned me a post in the Raidercompany of Oakshadow. Now I spend my days raiding raiding Orcs, which plague these lands.


RP - Keg

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