RP group session 13
KEg's journal

Sooooo…. After a trip to the General goods store, Crate and Barrel, I decided to head back to the Lusty Lynx. The words Amelia whispered in my ears last time, kept my massive brain in a buzz. A bad buzz, not like when you drink too much.

Anyway, eventually I ended up with Amelia in bed again, this time without Bringon looking, since I now share him with Lith each other day. Amelia gave me one other clue: ‘Don’t look for him too close to home’. Even for me this is too little to work on. I can’t trust the small one, but to me everybody is small… and now this, so a little guy not close to home… I’ll ask Lith, she’ll probably know better.

Met up with the gang and we had to go to a gathering to discuss our next plan of ATTACK. Some magic type lady joined us, a lady named Zai, and she is the fifth of the adept rank or something. She also managed to make my shiny new sword good again, so now I can use it without wanting to sleep with it. Oh yeah, during the meeting, we decided to go for the middle Orc-camp. That should have a tunnel leading to the leader, and also hold many more magic stuff, among which the crown of the ruler of Oakshadow. And apparently my new sword was from the last ruler of Oakshadow, before he was cut down by Orcs.

I will make it my goal to soak it in plenty of Orc-blood so it will no longer want to be with me when I sleep.

RP group Session 12

By Clanggedin’s beard it feels good to smash some orc skulls. As I was ‘tending’ to the captives there was some commotion in the nearby tents. It didn’t quite sound like a fight broke out so I decided not to intervene. It turns out amongst the captives were 5 succubi. In the end we decided to let them go. Better to have infernal allies than no allies at all, eh?!

We transported the prisoners on foot at first, pulling them along with bound hands. That is until one of the bastards decided he’d risk it and tried escaping. Now that just makes my Dwarf blood boil. Broke his legs for it too!

It’s a shame we had to let the prisoners be interrogated by the army’s so called ‘professional interrogators’… there’s nothing some good bludgeoning and internal bleeding can’t get out of people in my experience, but ah well… I s’pose a visit to the inn is just as fun.

We filled the next day with all sorts of stuff: Lilith and Keg went to a brothel, while me and Kraeger went drinking in the tavern. We also teamed up by creating a plaque for the Bodak trophy. Keg’s going to be famous in town now!
I feel quite at home in this new adventuring group, where the ale and Orc blood flows freely. But I do kind of miss my Dwarven brethren, the stone halls, salted pork and Dwarven ale… I might, out of nostalgia’s sake, visit Baldur’s bricks and do some more masonry.

RP group session 11
catching some prisoners

Present chars:
- Galva Stoneforge (Dwarf) – (Stijn)
- Keg (Goliath) – Pjay
- Lilith Silver (Human) – Helena
- Killborn (Dragonborn) – Petra
- Kraeger Skald (Half-Elf) – Pieter-Jan

One of the dark creatures already laid slain. Galva, Keg and I teamed together on the other one with Keg killing it with his ram ring. The creature’s head exploded all over.
Lilith and Killborn teaming up against the other making it flee in horror. Luckily i could mock it to death with a ‘your momma’ joke.
Lilith should really be able to do this. She would kill dragons if she could.
Then keg told us the creatures where boduks and mumbled something about tracks and trollys and killing people. I’m starting to think we shouldn’t let Keg keep that stone constantly. His brain is going to overload.
We then continued “stealthily” to the camp. It was eerily silent.
Lilith said she could get over the wall so i cast invisibility over her and off she went.
In no time a rope was lowered,how she did it is still a riddle to me, and we got over the wall.
Only three orcs in sight. Keg and Galva started flank around the tents. Killborn and me staying at the wall
Lilith still invisible must have gone into one of the huts as we heard a screaming and then all hell broke loose.
Several orcs came into the open and threw javalins at Killborn. Everybody charged in with me supporting from between two tents. Galva on the ground by some evil magic from one of the shamans, but soon on his feet helped by Keg.
Killborn facing three orcs alone was soon in dire straits so i rushed to heal her as much as i could. Lilith appears from nowwhere after a orc fell dead. One of the damned casters had me flee over the wall. As i got back over the wall gotten rid of this stupid spell i saw Killborn was was in bad shape again.
Unable to reach her to heal her i did the only thing i could think of to save her.
i polymorhped her into the sturdiest beast i knew. Only having read about it in old books.
A mammoth of legend. It confused her as much as it did the orcs. Her first moments she was disoriented.
The sight of the mammoth and Keg and Galva killing some more send the orcs fleeing.
Keg with quick wit threw down two of the fleeing orcs, the leader and a shaman.
Galva and I secured the prisoners while Lilith and Keg searched the bodies. With Keg finding a very nice sword. Then Lilith and Keg went to check the hut from where we heard prisoners. I heard a racket in there, but i think they could handle it.

This will become a perfect addition to the saga of Lilith and Keg.Galva and Killborn joining only makes it better.
This will reach a large audience. She’ll be glad to hear this, i hope she fairs as well.

RP group session 9
A furry delight

Eugh, enough of these politics. Time for some action. I was surprised how easily I was persuaded to sway from my goals, but the prospect of drenching my maul in Orc blood… Seems like a good deal.

First stop was only a brisk walk of a couple of hours away, a certain farmer Lenny. Now I don’t know what this farmer has done for my compatriots before, but they treat him better than the queen we just left. And by my beard, I’m not going to be the Dwarf that shames Dwarven hospitality, so I brought him some ale. Difficult to part with though…

After one day of walking, I pretty much had it with walking. It’s not like exploring caverns and great halls like at home. I was relieved to finally arrive at the inn. I filled my belly with a good hot stew and ale before you knew it. The rest of the party didn’t seem too keen, they came back after a while saying there were Orcs with torches in the distance, but they seemed too far off to make it worth our while. Doesn’t matter, from the stories I keep hearing, there’ll be plenty of Orcs to go around when we arrive at Oakshadow.

One more day and we would arrive at Oakshadow. I was keen to get there, both for exciting combat prospects but also to get rid of this spineless wurm called Nisel. He also kept buying the rest of the gang food and drink, yet I also protect his scrawny behind. It made me feel like excess foam on a beer.
When I went up to… talk to him, in my usual diplomatic way, I was pleasantly surprised to find Lilith on my side of things. I already feel like part of the gang.

Once we arrived at Oakshadow, I was introduced to the dim-witted blunt instrument called Lord Vilwald Dagarson. No wonder they wanted to relieve him of most of the decision making. He had a temper like a Dwarf out of ale…

After a couple of days passing the times in the marketplace and the mess hall, there was finally some excitement in the form of an alarm bell. An Orc raid was spotted outside the city.

The battle was a swift one. I myself took down a couple of them, smacked ‘m right on the nogging. And by Clanggedin Silverbeard, that cracking noise lifts my spirits every time…
That reminds me… It’s been a while since I’ve eaten any eggs, might have to see if they have any in the mess hall.

I could also see why I was drawn to this party. Good fighters, the lot of ’m. Keg, the Goliath, cleaving two enemies down in one swing. Better not stand too close to them in the future.
Kraeger seems to be the master of magic. I saw him light up and sear the metal armour of the chieftain to the flesh. That sizzle and the smell, whew… Glad I walked off my breakfast before getting here.

Now the cherry on top, Lilith. She seemed to be in quite a pickle, surrounded by a couple of Orcs. Wasn’t looking too good. Then, on the spot, her body morphed, her hands turned to claws, skin to fur and a grin full of long, sharp fangs. I’ve never seen anything like it and I was glad I wasn’t standing next to her when it happened. She quickly dispatched of the remainder of the Orcs. It does look like she’s in complete control, but still… Better keep an eye out.

RP group session 8
Im late !! and i danced with Keg O.o

Present chars:
- Sahlokniir (Dragonborn) – (Stijn)
- Keg (Goliath) – Pjay
- Kaira (Tabaxi )– Carmen
- Lilith Silver (Human) – Helena
- Kraeger Skald (Half-Elf) – Pieter-Jan

God damn knights they wont let me in to the ball… Pfff ok let me see… window, window, window, ok I’ll go up there…
Whoop the window is open aaaaaand… FUCK!!! To fast… euhm….. oh !…yay my group, with euhm,… the queen!!!
I did not see that one coming… but hey I got where I needed to be ^
Oh yay battle plans boring… Euhm oh nice walls… We go fight with who? Oh crap sharpen my claws it is… We are getting escorted out of the ball now but Lillith got a last dance with the fancy lady ^
Euhmmm oh look wow Lillith is actually a great dancer! Now we need to get keg dancing haha that will be funny… Euhm he actually is going to…
Wait whuut noooo!!! put me down aaahhh!!! this is no dancing god damn bard…
My feet are going everywhere bumping into other people oh god oh okey… the music stopped… whait nooooo!!! bard stop playing!… oh damn he made them play again… Help meee im getting dizzy and damn this song seem to last for forever!!
Oef it stopped… Eurgg im dizzy… back to the inn it is .Heyyyy… Lillith seem to have a date with the pretty older woman tonight cool for her ^… I think I gonna assist performing with the bard and drink a bit ^
ahaha keg and the new guy are playing a false note drinking game. euhm who is the new guy? haha they are getting wasted ahaha oh my keg is losing this he is so funny when he is drunk haha…
okey we did good tonight Lillith’s gone to her date and im drinking with the guys ^ this is hilarious but im getting cold…
Let me… Oh fire place… Hmm gonna roll up in front of it andzzzzz….
Hmm food!! Yay breakfast yum… I start noticing that Lillith’s not here yet better to wake her up for some food because if we have to go can’t have her leaving on a empty stomach… oh Keg found a letter for us he says his name and half of Lillith’s name is on it and some other stuff he can’t read… oke Lillith took over some information that we can ask people to help us where we want stuff cool best that she keeps it this can come in handy…
hmm a ride to the market the guys decide to buy things for farmer Lany I gonna buy something for him too ^

It’s nice he took us in to have a nap and a meal so lets be nice for him too ^^ but hey where are we?!? We landed with some creepy spy guy telling us stuff that we need to be carefully of something but hey what is that shiny thing at the window?!? Hmm better tell the party!! hmm he gives us a sighn that we should put at our door if we need help.
Oke nothing bad happened the ride sets us at the edge of the city and now… ON TO LANY!!!!

RP group session 7
No dancing for Keg

The morning after a shitty day.
I woke up way to early and waited by the door until I heard the others going down. Nyzel was still asleep but I started to smell breakfast. Bacon, and lots of it. When Nyzel finally came down we talked business. Too bad the ogre problem was solved in just one day. I wouldn’t have minded the chance to test my skills against those. But no, today we have that ball. UGH.
All of a sudden the evening creeps up on us. I need to get my head checked out. Maybe that magic boob can help me out. I should head there when I get the chance. Anyboob, euhm anyway, Kaïra was still out to get some special “herbs” or something. So the 4 of us headed to that crazy noble woman, Riverclaw. After showing her that magic paint we got her, she was finally agreeable to help us get to the ball (yaaay). We got our friend Nyzel from the Inn the Rangers Respite and sometime later we arrived at the Ball. And I gotta say, these guards are something, very shiny armor, great discipline, I approve. Although the material seems lesser, the cleaning is to be admired. And I did.

But inside, what can I say. All these women look like queens, all with crowns. So I lifted Nyzel up to get a better view. Guy didn’t seem to like it though… Getting bored, hungry and thirsty. Went to look for some food together with Kreager, while Lilith stayed with Riverclaw. We found a group that was strategically located near the foodtraffic. I recognized the competent dragonborn we say the other day when we wanted to see the queen. He introduced himself as Lark, together with his wife Krista, another competent human name Alwind and a stout dwarf named Galva Stoneforge. The latter who was holding a big mug of ale. I could see this was a person of great culture. After ordering myself some ale and some meaty treats, I learned that Galva also wanted to see the queen but on behalf of the Goliaths down south. Other goliaths? Hmmmmmm…… Apparently the goliaths needed help with some kind of curse. Maybe after we finished our business we could head there. Maybe if the queen won’t help us, the goliaths will, if we help them. Maybe. Don’t know. We later met Lord Delaran. He was also very supportive and knew of our trouble, he seemed to be talking for a while now to stabilize our problems with the orcs. Finally some support. After that we found another group with two competent military types, men after my own heart, and a blonde couple ranting away about silk. I offered the two men of military stature, later to be known as Lord Redthorn and Fussar, an ale and regaled them with our story of our day into the sewers. They finally helped us out and told us the Queen is located in the Western ballroom. I signaled Lilith and we all headed that way.

At the Western Ballroom, the butlers asked us what our business was. And after knowing we were there on behalf of Lord Vivald, Lord Stonelance came to us and told us the queen could not see us. I was just about to just barge in when Galva stepped up and told Lord Stonelance that he was representing the dwarven/goliath alliance. Almost immediately we were granted access into the ballroom.
Queeny, prepare to meet Keg.

RP Group session 5 & 6
Shopping and Shit

well, two more days untill the ball… yaaaay…

Apparently to have more chance to speak to the queenie, we need some representation.
After conferring with Nisel, we decided to head for some highborn woman called Isobel.
Nisel said she likes to collect things and brag about them. Maybe this strapping Goliath is just what she is looking for.

After a stop at the local clothing store (could have killed me right there), we got to meet the lady Isobel. She didn’t even give me a second look. And nothing we had to offer was of intrest to her…
She said we had untill 7:30 pm to show up with a trinket or we had lost our shance.
Then we heared of a travelling shopkeeper who dabbles in magical items. After some
searching we eventually found the store and after much and much and much attempts to haggle we settled on a belt that shanges dicks in cunts and cunts in dicks.

We made it in time with the belt to Lady Isobel and Lith stayed behind to show the lady how it worked I suppose?

The next morning, I woke up with a craving, and the Innkeeper sated it with plates full of bacon!!! Kreager even wrote me a poem about it: Bacon is red, Bacon is tough, one slice of bacon is never enough. GLORIOUS!!! Lith came back during breakfast from Lady Isobel. there was no comment. ofcourse not. There was bacon!!! the innkeeper also handed us a note saying the gnome and cat were already out, to go collect our clothes for the ball. Nisel also recieved a note saying the ball was postponed an extra day, something about Ogres at the city walls.

OGRES…. OUTSIDE….. well today might just turn out to become a great day. We three rushed out and found a guard to ask for the location of the ogres, but when we found one he discouraged us and instead directed us to the captain of the citywatch who had another job. Something about a disturbance in the For.. Sewers. Apparently an elderly fellow came telling that his altar was being robbed and such by unsavoury folk and requested aid.
After the promise of reward we headed towards the other boob of the city.

And then we entered the shithole, wading through shitty water, we came to a clearing. I thought I saw loot but what I found was a crappy situation, as three water tentacles rose up and attacked me. But after a short battle (if you can call it that) I shoved them out of the water with my shield, killing them instantly. and then I dove into the crap and found the loot… 1 copper coin. when we went onwards we found a large tunnel leading on but we first turned back and headed right, where we found the old man who came asking for aid. he was raving to himself and waving a staff with a poor excuse of a head on it around. After introductions he told us he wanted the proper head for his staff returend and the villains dealt with.

So we headed into the shit once more again. after a few steps into the bigger tunnel I was suddenly covered in a black oozing thing, biting my axe and armor. And when I swung at it, it split into three oozes. Shit went down and we headed back to the priest (Hamun), and after sacrificing some blood, he went into a trance and basically told us to use a distraction to get past the creatures, since they are blind and respond to sound. Kreager was more than happy to oblige to provide said Distraction. We managed to sneak past and after some more marching through the shit we came to a door with a man and a crocodile on guard.
Their day was turned to shit in a few fell strokes and then we busted the door open to find a room filled with animals in shitty conditions and two half ogres and a man.

the Half ogres posed no challenged, I would have rather tested my mettle on the Ogres outside the city walls, but beggars can’t be choosers. the man however, suddenly changed into a giant rat and I could not even hurt him!!! Luckily Kreager managed to step in and drive him bonkers.
We then found a some gold and some interesting itmes, one of which located a fake wall that lead us back to the entrance. We also found the head and returned it to Hamun, but also adviced him to move his altar out of the sewers because of that black ooze.

Afterwards we presented the heads of the villaisn to the captain of the guard and he assured us he would put in a good word for us with Lord Delanar.
After some much needed bathing and reparing we went back to the Inn and I ordered some more bacon.

MMMMMM bacon^^

RP Group - Session 4

Present chars:
Freya (Gnome) – Nadja
Keg (Goliath) – Pjay
Kaira (Tabaxi )– Carmen
Lilith Silver (Human) – Helena
Kraeger Skald (Half-Elf) – Pieter-Jan

After we choose the notice about noises in the basement Kaira sprinted away. She led us straight to the house we looked for. This pink haired tabaxi knows her way around so it seems.
At the house Arnold the owner let’s our motley crew into the house and the basement.
The keen senses of Freya soon find a hidden door. The little folk never get the justice they deserve in the stories of old. I’ll have to change that with the ones I write.
Into the tunnel we go. Keg taking the lead. A comical sight seeing one so huge going into such small spaces.
(Note to self possibility of limerick or funny verse.
There was a goliath from oakshadow
investagating a noise from below
a secret door they found on the hunt
in he went with shield out in front
into the tunnel with friends in tow)
We soon came to a crossing where we took a right turn to a door where a password was required.
Even some charming by Kaira didn’t help.
Back to the crossing and another right. Nothing of interest here so back to the crossing and another right (seems to be a logical pattern). Here we found a door which Freya started examining.
Lilith’s keen senses saved Keg from a bolt in the head as she just called out in time.
Good story material. Keg quickly took care of the threat. Knocking one out and making the rest flee. They tried saving their friend but Keg put a shield in their plan.
Freya by then had investigated the door and found nothing magical about it and unlocked the door.
Inside are a few weapons which Keg claims and a chest which Freya picked and Lilith had blown up in her face. That was funny to see. Lucky enough Freya could mend some of the papers inside.
Keg and Lilith “persuaded” the prisoner into giving up the password after some talking. That Lilith has a foul mouth. It’s like the titan’s gates sewers run through that ones mouth.
(I should take her to the bard college, it would be interesting an insult session between her and one of the teachers they would both enjoy it.)
They did get a password out of him but when we tried it out at the door they sprung a trap on us the bastards. Luckely we all survived. The prisoner “stumbled” in himself to and died. Satisfying.
After we all crawled out Freya threw some acid at the door and just as it was beginning to dissolve Keg stormed in but they triggered a collapse. We swiftly retreated and went back to Arnald to get our reward and to tell the guards of this den. There might be a possible reward in it but I doubt it.
We met up with Nyzel who told us of three possible candidates to help us. Isabel Riverclaw seems by far the most suitable for our group. So let’s go to her and see where it leads us.
More chances for stories

Keg's thoughts (RPG session 3)
Apparently he has them

Present chars:
Freya (Gnome) – Nadja
Keg (Goliath) – Pjay
Kaira (Tabaxi )– Carmen
Lilith Silver (Human) – Helena
Kraeger Skald (Half-Elf) – Pieter-Jan

THE BARN IS ON FIRE!!!!!!!!! Oooooh wait, no it’s not.

Heuheuheu, attached…. Classic Lith.
So euh yeah, we woke up in Farmer Lany’s barn. And at Nyzel agreement we could stay the morning so I could get cracking at fixing some of his stuff. And oh boy, did he had stuff that needed fixing. The bluehaired midget helped out as well and proved to be quite handy in fixing the fixables. Almost as handy as her metal chicken that I could use to make holes to drive nails through. No idea what the others did, hmmmm. Lany was very gratefull when we finished and offered us bacon. I am going to miss this farmer. I have made a friend for life, however short his may be.

After this glorious greasy meal we left for Arden, which to my surprise looked like a grand pair of tits. with nipples and all. but when we came closer I was amazed by the sheer size of the…. WALL. I meant wall… This city seems very strong, big walls, big gates, lots of guards. While we entered Arden and made for the Inn, Lith somehow managed to changed the subject and told me how little people are made. Apparently when I put my thing in the thing of a woman and things happen then stuff comes out and when it is in the thing a thing could happen and then after some time the thing comes out of the woman via her thing but does not look like my stuff at all. I shiver at the thought and must keep my wits about me when doing the thing to prevent the thing. But apparently my way of things is different from Liths way of things. she does not use a thing…. nono… she uses sign language of sorts. maybe thats how she tries to atract a mate. These humans are weird… oh by the way we allready have arrived at the Inn, The Ranger’s Respite. And here comes dinner!!!!

A few hams later

Aaaaah that hit the spot!! Ok Nyzel will go and prepare for the meeting with the queen, I shall not leave his side. Afterall I am on duty and I need to make sure he is safe at all times.

A few hours later

RAAAGGGHHH this bloke is so boring, always working with the quil and the papers, I tried looking but there were just too many words and too few pictures. I will just go to sleep.

The next morning, we left immediatly after breakfast to go see the queen.
This palace is formidable, I must say. It would take a lot of Orcs to just get into the city, imagine trying to get in here…
Wait a minute… This geezer needs ur weapons or we can’t enter? Well seems legit. Although the gnome has trouble parting with her metal chicken, which now seems to go chasing after pigeons that suddenly appeared. And almost shat on my shield, but thanks to my quick reflexes, the shield remains shitless. The same can not be said for my arm. oh well, pigeon shit or Orcgore, it’s all the same.

Once inside we were needed to wait a bit to see the Master of Ceremony. I fear I am underdressed for a ceremony, whatever that is.A few minutes later we were let into a small office where the maste rof ceremony recieved us. His name is Gavof, and he regretted to inform us that the queen would not see us. atleast not for a week. apparently our lord is not in her favor. The queen does not like his way of dealing with the orcs and I had to speak my mind by telling Gavof that the best defense was a good offense, or something like that. But it did not take. He suggested we either attend a ball of some kind or speak to a noble that has standing with the queen.

We eventually left the palace (BTW one of the boobs, the other being a place where they teach bards, I suggested Lith to go there to teach, she is quite witty).

We ended up at the noticebaord where we saw some jobs that needed doing, allthough one seemed innocent, my experienced tells me it entails an illegal activity, I should mention this to one of the guards. Also a notice about a cellar with strange noises. Seemed like a solid pass of time activity before we go to the ball. Wait, we are going to the ball? What ball? Like dancing ball?

Oh boy…

Lith Burps

Excuse her

RP Group - Session 2
Bring it on!

Present chars:
Freya – Nadja
Keg – Pjay
Kaira – Carmen
Lilith Silver – Helena
Kraeger Skald – Fouf
Dragonblood – Nigel

Where am I? Oh, wait, yeah I remember… I’m at the good man his barn.
Can’t remember his name… to tired…
I don’t trust the dragonblood, For some reason he made the Orks go totally wild for him. I thought that the battle would take forever! I’m glad I could help with my healing. Because I had a bad day today, at least I injured one of them and kept our bard alive. to realise he had a self heal spell of his own… oh well it was with pleasure.
We all had a fair amount of money from the Orks, so maybe… No… I’m not thanking the dragonblood… I was all covered in blood usually as the rest of my party. How could he be so stupid to not see the group of works or to provoke them. He can be happy we were here, or he would have died.
I’m still sad that lady from the first barn was so afraid of me, I mean, who doesn’t like cats!
Event Freaya’s poet wanted to comfort me, he hurt me a bit doing so but it’s a friendly thing.
I am so happy that the old man anted to take us in to wash up and sleep here tonight. he had some interesting stories to tell, but for some reason I was distracted, why was I?… oh yeah the fire place. I remember it being very cosy and warm and Hmmm the thought of that makes me all drowsy again. I really like fireplaces. you can roll up near them and… and… zzzZZZ…..


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