RP - Lilith Silver

Helena - Human Blood Hunter (Lycan)


HP: 70
AC: 16

STR: 16
DEX: 12
CON: 14
INT: 8
WIS: 14
CHA: 11


Grew up on the streets of Oakshadow. Eventually started taking part in the pitfights, where I achieved a modicum of success was crowned Queen of the Pit. Teamed up with Keg, won even more fights.

Went on a stroll one night. Got attacked and infected by a werewolf. Tried to fight off the curse but eventually failed. Left to find help.
Found mystic willing to help me control my curse. Initiated me into secrets of ancient ‘Blood Hunter’ orders. Taught me blood magic. Makes sense. Cursed blood. Control blood, control curse.

After seven years returned to Oakshadow. Came into service of lord as a bodyguard. Dude’s an absolute cunt, but the pay’s better than the Pits, plus I get to use axes.

Got attacked by bandits one day. Tiny Keg of all people came to our aid. Apparently won his freedom. Good going, Tiny! Advised Lord Arsepants to give him a proper job. Heard he runs with the Raiders now, killing Orcs. Also gets to use axes.

Occasionally have urge to sniff own butt. Not figured out yet how to reach.

RP - Lilith Silver

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